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关注我的朋友都知道,我经常提到Amanda Frances,她是我非常喜欢的一个精神财富导师,她在一次FB Live的时候跟我们说、她会在Selling Sunset真人秀里卖她的房子,果然在在Season 4 Eposiod 5看到了她!

我在看本剧的时候,会过滤掉抓马,知情人士透露这些都是剧本而已啦!现实中,有钱又有能力的Power Bitch真的不会让这些烂俗剧情影响自己吸引财富的能量! 只想说一句:办大事的女人果然都是能屈能伸的! 不去聊她们鬼扯的剧情,也不纠结谁对谁错。 不知道你们在看剧的时候注意没有,在最后几集出现了一个Celebrity Mindset Coach Laura St. John. 其实吸引力法则是好莱坞大明星们都知道如何利用的一个power,而像Amanda和Laura这样的Manifesting Coach也确实是帮助了成千上万的人Go After the life you really want. 可以说,非常富有的人都懂得如何利用Law of attraction 去获得她们想要的一切! So amazed to see all the living proofs and it makes me feel so happy! 我未来也会成为一个精神财富导师,帮助更多的女生提高她们吸引财富的能量,转变她们对金钱的看法,显化她们想要的生活,彻底掌控自己的人生!

It's time for you to have a wealthy and worthy 2022!

The Holiday Bundle is... here

I wait all year to share this with you.

Here is the deal:

I believe in being very intentional in what we consume, what we surround ourselves with and what we energetically saturate ourselves in.

This is the main reason I created The Holiday Bundle.

About five years ago, my company had created a good number of popular digital courses all priced over a thousand dollars each. I was thriving, my business was growing and my business... worked.

One year, as the holidays were coming up, I felt like doing something different.

I felt led to create a lower-priced offer... for the first time ever.

I wanted something you could go through, vibe with, gain from and enjoy -- one video at a time, as you choose -- on a variety of topics related to growing a business and living a big-hearted, intentional life.

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