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Oh, this Facebook algorithm… feels like every time you figure it out a new change is made!

Grhhh!!…Alright…let’s just take a deep breath… it’s going to be okay.

If you’re posting stuff on Facebook and you want more people to engage and see your posts, you need to master Facebook’s ever-evolving algorithm.

Facebook Algorithm Hack #1 – Have a weekly/Monthly schedule for posting

If you want your posts to be seen on Facebook you need to have a plan so you can be consistent.

Randomly posting on Facebook isn’t going to help you get the reach you want.

There’s a lot of great Social Media scheduling tools that you can use to automate this process and I’ll link to my favorite ones in the show notes below so you can check them out.

But keep in mind that consistency is key with getting your posts seen and shown on Facebook.

Facebook Algorithm Hack #2 – Comment and like on other people's posts

Before you go posting on social media or doing Facebook lives… go and comment and like on other people's posts

If you’re out on Facebook engaging and interacting…Facebook’s algorithm is going to notice that and then when you announce that you’re going Live or you post soemthing it will show that post to more people because you are actively using the platform.

Facebook Algorithm Hack #3 – Don’t link outside of Facebook in the post

If you want more people to see your posts… don’t use links that take people outside of Facebook.

If you need to post a link, use this hack instead…put the link in the comments section for people to click on and tell people to check out the link in the comments section.

Facebook Algorithm Hack #4- Optimize your Facebook profile

You’ll want to have a complete and professional Facebook profile.

Yes, this matters….

Whether you’re using your profile or your business page…make sure it’s complete and there’s nothing left blank so that people know exactly what you do and view you as a professional.

Facebook Algorithm Hack #5 – Post quality content

If you’re not getting the engagement you want on your posts, there’s 2 possible reasons for this.

#1 you might not be posting quality content


#2 you’re not telling people what to do when you post.

You might have noticed that when I do my Facebook lives I tell people to tell me where they are viewing from, give me a like, drop some emojis and share my posts or lives.

This helps tremendously because when Facebook sees that people are engaging with your Likes or posts they show it to more people.

Facebook Algorithm Hack – In Closing

So to sum it all up you want to remember that Facebook is a give, give, give, then take relationship.

And the key takeaway here is consistency.

If you’re consistent with all these Facebook algorithm hacks you will be rewarded and you’ll start to reap the rewards of working with the algorithm instead of against it.

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